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Hi, I'm Dan

Patent Academy Founder


Dan is the owner of American Patent Agency and was educated at MIT in electrical engineering, biomedical engineering, and computer science, and also studied intellectual property law at Harvard Law School, as well as theoretical geophysics at the University of Cambridge (UK). He graduated with a Bachelors degree in Electrical and Biomedical Engineering from MIT, and a Masters in Civil & Environmental Engineering from Carnegie Mellon. Dan has worked for NASA, Northwestern Astronomical Observatory, Siemens Corporation, and the law firm Frommer, Lawrence, and Haug, LLP.

Why did we create Patent Academy?


Patent protection for inventions is a valuable component of business strategy for startups and established companies alike. This webinar series prepares scientists, engineers, and entrepreneurs for dealing with the patent issues they will face as innovators.

The series spans a wide variety of topics in patent law, including claims, inventorship, patentability requirements, the patent application process, prosecution, post-grant proceedings, litigation, and licensing. Although the focus will be on US law, some topics are enhanced with the laws of other jurisdictions as well. We discuss what recent developments in patent law mean for inventors, and draw examples ranging from the computer software to the pharmaceutical industries.


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